Sunday, August 10, 2008

«Lego Robots»

It's amazing what people have did with the lego mindstorms.

Here's one ding something I could never do, solving a rubik's cube. It scans the colors on the cube, then solves it.

NXT Rubik's cube solver - Final version

Here's a lego turret controlled by hand motions.

LEGO NxtShot 2.0 - cannon controlled by Mindsensors remote

Here's an automated lego car factory.

Mindstorms Autofabrik


  1. I actually have one of the older Lego Mindstorms sets. I think I'd want a robot that can navigate the entire house, even up and down stairs.

  2. I had not even heard of the Mindstorm kits until now... Looks like something Bay needs.

  3. @ Monique: I got my Mindstorm kit a long time ago. They've come a long way since then.


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