Thursday, August 28, 2008

«First AdSense Payment»

Dollar symbolYesterday I officially I received my first payment from the Google AdSense ads. I was paid $119.71 USD. You don't get paid until your balance is over $100. Once you pass $100, you'll get paid at the end of the next month. It sure took me long enough to get there, but I've noticed an increase in the last few months, so it shouldn't take as long the next time around.

So now that the blog is paying for itself, I went ahead and bought ad-free hosting from I was waiting for that payment before I spent any more money on the blog. I wasn't all that pleased how long it took to login and use the in-browser interface with the hosting to upload files. So, remembering a recent Hive Five post on Lifehacker about FTP clients, I looked at what ranked the highest there and downloaded FileZilla. I like it.

Since I don't have that annoying GoDaddy banner ad (from the free ad-supported hosting) at the top of the Blog Supplement pages, I removed the old ones that were on the googlepages domain. Please update your bookmarks accordingly.

I know there have been a lot of posts lately talking about the updates here. I've been doing a lot behind the scenes, and it's just what's on my mind currently.


  1. Congrats. That's very cool.

    Well aren't you just Mr. WhoopDeeDoo lately? LOL...

    ... is it Mr LaaTeeDah?

    Whichever you prefer.

  2. Hi Marf,
    I have used a number of web hosting companies as I run a number of blogs and websites. I currently have an account with Godaddy but havnt been terribly happy with them.

    Its not that I think hey are awful but I had niggles with;

    1) terrible design of their site. major problems finding anything.

    2) Major slow loading of their inerface, very clinky navigation.

    3) My hosted sites resonded very slowly at times - a problem now completely resolved by moving to another host.

    As I said I have used a few hosts, free ones and paid ones. the one I am moving over too is frankly awesome. they have no limits on bandwidth, no limits on disk space and you can host as many domains on the one accouunt as you want. AND - their interface is brilliant and the helpfiles excellent and the support really good. Oh and they use cpanel.

    I kept feeling that Godday wanted more money for every little bell and whistle.

    My current host as described above is costing me less than $5 a month.

    I have been making money from blogs and websites for ages.

    I have a post up about this webhost and a link to them - if you havent signed up for too long a deal with Godday you may want to just check it out.

    Anyways it is good to hear that you are starting to make some cash.

    Check out one of my sites -

  3. Hmm - forgot that blogger doesnt automatically format urls as links - here you go ....

  4. @ Bunc: Oh, sure... Now you tell me.

    Well, I'm on a monthly thing with the GoDaddy hosting, so I'm only committed to them for a month at a time. I'll see if I have any problems with them.

    Yes, their interface is slow and a bit too busy... But that's what I'm using the FTP program for.

    If I'm unhappy with GoDaddy I'll look into the one you moved to. Host Monster is it?

  5. Yup thats the one Marf.
    You may find that godaddy suits you - it depends very much on what you want from your host.


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