Friday, August 1, 2008

«Randoms From the Internet»

I've noticed over on my poll in the sidebar, random crap is winning by a small margin so far, so here's some random pictures I found on the internet. Click an image to view full (although they are fairly small images even if full).

It's a news article about how coffee might trigger a first heart attack in some people. Take a look at the ad to the side of the article: Folgers, enjoy a second cup.
Coffee might trigger first heart attack, enjoy a second cup.
Hey, look! It's flamin' bag-head Fred!
Oh noes!!!1
Because it has nothing to do with the topic at hand, just like your argument.
There is a windmill in my beard. Your argument is invalid.


  1. Ha! That's too funny 'bout the coffee article and than havin' the ad for Folgers right next to it. Oops, to the dude who did the layout. *lol*

    I haven't had a cup of coffee for . . . let me think here . . . uuuh . . . three weeks, I think. I've decided to quit coffee.

    Since I've stopped I haven't been feelin' fatigue. I'd be wired but exhausted all the time. I have more energy now.

  2. It's not like the guy that did the layout chose the coffee ad. What the ads do is "read" the page and choose an ad that's related. It saw the word coffee multiple times on the page, so it figured a coffee ad would be relevant.


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