Wednesday, March 11, 2009

«Alter Ego's Alter Ego»

Alter Ego's Alter Ego achievement iconI finally got the Alter Ego's Alter Ego achievement. You can see for yourself on my achievement page.

There's 10 different archetypes one can become when they enter Space Stage of the game. Each one has its own achievement when you play as it (the various "Passion" achievements). You get the Alter Ego achievement for playing as them all across all of your saved games.

Each of the 10 archetypes also has a "Hero" archetype for when you max out your ranking in Space. You get the Alter Ego's Alter Ego achievement when you have all 10 "Hero" achievements. It takes a long time...

According to the stats on the official Spore site, only 387 people out of over 1.3 million have the achievement. I'm one of them now.

Here's a list of the 10 archetypes in Spore:

  • Bard (Philosophy of Chance)
  • Diplomat (Philosophy of Order)
  • Ecologist (Philosophy of Life)
  • Knight (Philosophy of Force)
  • Scientist (Philosophy of Science)
  • Shaman (Philosophy of Harmony)
  • Trader (Philosophy of Prosperity)
  • Wanderer (Philosophy of Order)
  • Warrior (Philosophy of Force)
  • Zealot (Philosophy of Faith)

That's not a mistake that Force and Order appear twice on that list. You can't find NPC empires that are Knights or Wanderers. And if you go visit your saved games from a different save, your Knights will appear to be Warriors and your Wanderers will appear to be Diplomats. I'm not sure if that's by design or something they overlooked when making the game.

For information on how to get each archetype, the Spore Wiki has a great page on archetypes.


  1. heeellllooo peopls

  2. Marf: the Warrior vs Knight, Wanderer vs. Diplomat conundrum is just a little tidbit of philosophy they decided to throw into the game.

    The idea is that "Knight" is a term that reflects endearment, respect, and complexity, whereas "warrior" reflects contempt and a lack of understanding.

    Same goes for wanderes, which are seen as enlightened individuals seeking truth and new horizon, and diplomats, which are seen by other nations to be nothing but an encroachment upon them by another nation.

    it's a self-serving bias being enforced by the's weird and inconsistent but hey, whatever


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