Sunday, March 29, 2009

«Hopelessly Bidding on Cards»

A few days ago I was bored and decided to bid on a bunch of Magic The Gathering cards on eBay. At one point I had 21 items I was bidding on.

I knew I wouldn't win many of them, however. I was bidding on things like dual lands and fetch lands (MTG players will know what those are). The minimum bids started at $0.99, and I put in a maximum bid of $1.07; no higher. Of course, dual lands go for at least $20-$30 each, and some of the auctions were for 4 cards.

Most of the auctions I was bidding on have already ended or are about to. Most of them ended upwards of $70+, well above my maximum of $1.07. I never intended to win the items, it was just something to do. I wasn't too worried, and in the off-chance that I actually won the bid I'd be happy to pay $1.07 +shipping to get the cards. There was only a couple of bids that I actually planned on winning. I've already received 2 out of 4 of them. Actually, the first one I revived wasn't even cards. I'll reveal on Tuesday what that item was.

I also bought 27 cards from KardKastle. Those cards were cheap enough that it wasn't worth the shipping to buy them separately on eBay. Once I get all my cards I ordered, I'll finally be able to build a deck I've wanted to build for years. It'll be quite a unique deck; perhaps not real competitive, but should be fun.

Once I build the deck and playtest it a little, I may post a decklist here like I have with 2 of my other decks so far: Draconic Shadows and Pitiful Elves. Unless a certain someone gives it away (you know who you are), the deck will remain a secret until then.


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