Thursday, March 12, 2009

«Moonlit Reflection»

This photo was taken very early on the morning1 of March 8th, from the deck at my dad's house.
Moonlit Reflection

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Really hard to get the camera to focus on anything. The screen and viewfinder were completely black, so I couldn't manual focus. That's one downside to that camera2, the viewfinder is really just a smaller LCD screen; it's not an optical pass-through. Good camera otherwise. I just set the exposure time to 15 seconds and hoped for the best.

1: 3:06 AM due to the hour lost for daylight savings time. Otherwise it would have been 2:06 AM. I hadn't gone to bed yet.

2: The camera is an Olympus SP-570UZ.


  1. You know, I wasn't really all that happy with how it turned out.

  2. This is my background. Works well with my PC's theme! Thanks for this!

  3. @ Anonymous: You're welcome. My dad also uses it as his desktop background.


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