Thursday, March 26, 2009

«Magic Deck: Pitiful Elves»

Elvish Visionary(To my regular readers: If you know what I'm talking about, then read on. Otherwise just skip over this.)

I haven't played Magic: the Gathering for so long... Ever since the local game shop closed, there's nowhere to go to play. At least nowhere that I'm aware of. If you're in Ketchikan, Alaska and know of a place, please tell me.

I really should rename this deck. When I first built it, I didn't even have any Llanowar Elves. What's an elf deck without Llanowar Elves? Pitiful; that's what. So I made sure its name reflected that.

Like most of my better decks, it has dramatically changed from what originally I intended it to be. It started out as your average elf deck: basically, build up a horde of elves and attack with them. However, it somehow morphed into a fast combo deck. It uses the common Staff of Domination + Priest of Titania combo, but it also combos with Cloudstone Curio + Aluren + Elvish Visionary. There are many other minor combos and synergies. Basically it's just a matter of time before something combos off; and usually it just takes a few turns. It's even possible for a turn 2 win, but it's highly unlikely.

You'll also notice the insanely low amount of land in the deck at a whopping 9. All I need is one forest or a Land Grant. From there on my elves can produce all the mana I need.

Pitiful Elves, 60 cards:

Creatures (30)
4x Birchlore Rangers
4x Elvish Visionary
4x Fyndhorn Elves
4x Llanowar Elves
2x Lys Alana Huntmaster
4x Priest of Titania
4x Quirion Ranger
1x Timberwatch Elf
3x Wirewood Symbiote

Enchantments (4)
2x Aluren
2x Concordant Crossroads

Instants (4)
2x Naturalize
2x Wirewood Pride

Sorceries (8)
4x Glimpse of Nature
4x Land Grant

Land (9)
8x Forest
1x Pendelhaven

Other Spells (5)
3x Cloudstone Curio
2x Staff of Domination

If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment.


  1. Ever considered making a sideboard for it? May just give you an excuse to use Living Wish.

    I have my cards now by the way. Send me a message so we can try and play.

  2. @ Trevor: I've never been big on sideboards. I don't really play in any tournaments and I don't know what I'd swap in/out.

    And how'd you get the cards so fast?

  3. My sister brought them over when she came back from Alaska.

  4. Well the reason why I mention Living Wish is because the Odyssey Block is no longer legal in Extended and you can find them for cheap now. I remember most Wish cards being around the neighborhood of $10, but now it's about $3.50

    Except Burning Wish obviously.


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