Tuesday, March 24, 2009

«I Got My Sea-Monkey Card»

Sea-Monkey Wells Fargo debit cardMy Sea-Monkey debit card just arrived in the mail. Like I said before, I would have preferred the FSM card design. (That's a popular post of mine, at 2,173 views so far.)

If you're planning on submitting a custom card design with Wells Fargo, I suggest you increase the contrast before submitting it. The picture included in this post is the preview, not the actual card. The actual card seems to be a little washed-out and is a bit more yellow than the picture I submitted. Even seems a little blurry. But, I'm still happy with it. Like I keep saying, it's better than the default stagecoach picture.

As a side-note, I just noticed I've been blessed by the Prophet Bobby Henderson himself. He edited the FSM Bank Card post over at the Official FSM Church website to include the comment I made there. I feel so special now...


  1. Awwwww. It really is fitting, sorry the first didn't work out, but hey, it gave you quite a hot topic of discussion, huh?

  2. @ Monique: Indeed, it did. I welcome all comments, even those I don't agree with. (well, not spam)


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