Friday, March 6, 2009

«Sea-Monkey Order Arrived»

2 male sea-monkeysWhat is it about sea-monkeys? Whenever I mention them in a post, they seem to hijack the comments; it's all anyone ever talks about then. Not to mention one of my most popular posts (ever) is about sea-monkeys. I've noticed a similar thing on other blogs that have talked about sea-monkeys. Even if it's just a single short sentence, all the comments will be about sea-monkeys and totally ignore the rest of the post. The image to the right was taken just yesterday (March 5th), and is 2 of my adult male sea-monkeys. Click it to view full.

As some of you may remember from an old post, I've had sea-monkeys for a very long time, easily 11 years now. I started to run low on food, and instead of buying another starter kit again for just the food packet, I decided to order directly from Transcience Corporation.

I decided upon the Medicine Chest kit and a packet of Super Food. The Medicine Chest included 4 packets; Gro-Kwikly, Plasma III, Red Magic Vitamins, and Sea-Medic Medicine. I was most interested in the Red Magic Vitamins. It's suppose to turn the sea-monkeys red, so I thought maybe they will be easier to see.

Here's the fronts and backs of each of the 5 sea-monkey packets.
Fronts and backs of the 5 packets in my order.

Click image to view full

All these different packets could just be a gimmick like my dad said. How I look at it is, I needed more food anyway, and these special packets cost just as much as a packet of regular food. So even if it is all the same stuff in the packets I'm not out anything. I'll keep an eye on my sea-monkeys and see if there's any change.

I mailed out my order on the night of 18th of January. It probably didn't get sent out until the 20th due to Martin Juther King, Jr's day on the 19th. It just arrived arrived on March 2nd. They say on their website to allow 28-35 days for delivery. Mine took 41-42 days (depending on how you want to calculate in the holiday).

One thing that was a bit upsetting is they didn't give it enough postage. I paid $4.00 shipping, the very least they could have did was put enough postage on the damn thing. I had to pay an extra $0.20 postage due because it was "non standard mail".

This is the envelope it came in, complete with "Postage Due" and "non standard mail" stamps.
The envelope the sea-monkey order came in. Postage Due 20 cents.
Click image to view full

I also expected it to come in one of those bubble-wrap manila envelopes rather than just a standard envelope. It's really not too much to ask when you pay $4.00 shipping.

For more information about sea-monkeys themselves and how to care for them, check out my More About Sea-Monkeys post.


  1. Wow, awesome pic. Kick Ass was actually my first choice of expression.

    That's interesting. I'll be eager to hear more about the effects of the new stuff or lack thereof.

    Either way, like you said you aren't out more than the cost of more food.

  2. @ Monique: Sea-monkeys are tough to take pictures of. They don't like to stay in one place long enough to focus on them.

  3. i never had one and they arre wierd so...

  4. @ Anonymous: More than one will hatch (hopefully!). They're just tiny brine shrimp. It doesn't take too much to care for them. They require less maintenance and care than fish, even.

  5. cool, I'd always thought sea-monkeys were a scam but it sounds like fun

  6. i had sea monkeys last for 4 yrs once... i got bored of them so i jst didnt feed thm nd they died...i felt bad ... but o well!

  7. I have seamonkeys at the desk im typing at right now. im down to 5 big males. theyre very cute, about 3/8 inch. they dont fight cause theres no females. and actually, you can add decorations and it doesnt kill them, as long as you rinse them under hot water first.
    i have a black shell i found at rockaway beach in the tank. they love hiding under it.

  8. All the females probably died because of the rock. tap water has chemicals in it..

  9. We are trying to get the packets to sell on our website. hopefully soon we can offer them so customers wont have to mail order them any more. Such a long process.

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