Friday, March 13, 2009

«Programming Communism»

Microsoft's opinion of open source programs and operating system. It's hard to compete with something that's free.

When you program open source, you're programming Communism. / A reminder from your friends at Microsoft.
Have a lucky Friday the 13th.


  1. "Have a lucky Friday the 13th"

    Um, I didn't.

  2. @ Monique: I've never believed that Friday the 13th's are any different than any other day.

  3. Almost makes me want to embrace communism ...

    On the other hand, I wonder what the Microsoft geeks learned about communism.

  4. Communism in practice is centrally mandated control or planning of capital deployment, quite the opposite of open source which is incredibly decentralized. Markets are more consistent with open source then communism. Also communism tends to result in regulatory privilege for key firms, which is what Microsoft has.

  5. funny as hell though


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