Monday, March 16, 2009

«Motivational Monday: Math Jokes»

I do get the joke... Pi is what's known as an irrational number because it doesn't end or repeat. i is a non-real number, the answer to sqrt(-1); a physical impossibility.

Math Jokes / If you get them, you probably don't have friends.


  1. This being Silicon Valley, us propeller heads can always find a number of like minded people to befriend. Your post does beg the question of whether or not you have any friends up their in Alaska, or merely virtual friends ...

  2. @ Looney: I have a couple. One is off at college and I don't see the other very often. But I'd have to say most of my friends are virtual.

  3. I'm gonna pretend I'm smart and get it. [^.^]

  4. in fact, i is not a sqrt(-1).. but i^2 = -1

  5. hi hahaha i love poop


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