Tuesday, March 17, 2009

«Still Better Than Stagecoaches»

Well, my Flying Spaghetti Monster design was denied, but my second submission was accepted.

Presenting the Sea-Monkey Wells Fargo card1:
Sea-Monkey Wells Fargo debit card
You may recognize the picture from my recent post about my Sea-Monkey food order. I would of course have preferred the FSM, but at least this way I have something unique. I get to carry around a picture of my sea-monkeys. And like the title says, it's better than the default stagecoaches.

I like what one of the comments said on the FSM card post:

While such a card would be, to say the least, a thing of beauty, it's kind of good it was rejected, if it was rejected for the reason you suppose. In that case, this is just more public acceptance of pastafarianism as a religion.

- Anonymous

If something as crazy as Scientology gets to be an official religion, then Pastafarianism should have no trouble. Seriously, I think I'd convert if Pastafarianism were an official religion (at least for the purpose of census polls.)

1: Sample version only. Not an actual card; not a valid card number or name.


  1. Well now, that is appropriate.

  2. That actually looks really cool! I want one.

    And I'd convert to Pastafarianism so long as there's no rules against eatin' spaghetti and meatballs everyday. Mmmmm . . . mmmm . . .

  3. @ Berni: Eating spaghetti is an honorable act in Pastafarinism. Eating any pasta is. There is no Dogma or strict set or rules to follow; that's part of the point of Pastafarinism. In fact it says that specifically in a few places in the Holy Text "The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster". I bought my copy from

  4. You actually bought their bible!?! *teeeheeeheee*

    Well, count me in as a follower if pasta eatin' is encouraged!

  5. @ Berni: Yes. Believe it or not, I actually bought their bible.

  6. It's Pastafari, not Pastafarianism
    ...damn unorthodox FSM

  7. @ Be: I'd beg to differ. I have the Good Book itself: The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. And right in the book it says "Pastafarianism"

  8. oh my spagettified god. legend. :L pastafarianism. love it.

    - KatieKatastrophe aka. Bobetta Stroodle RULER OF THE ICE CREAM VAN aka. BOOMSHAKALAKALOO

  9. Thought you might appreciate my Seamonkey costume:

    Very few people know what it is when I wear it, though (sigh). Kinda kills the punchline when you have to explain . . .

  10. @ Anonymous: That's a pretty good costume of the cartoon characters you see on the packaging.


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