Friday, March 20, 2009

«Grox Spaceship Fleet»

In the game Spore, this is my spaceship fleet with the Vort empire (my main save).
Vortessence A with a fleet of Grox ships

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That's down on their home planet. One of the ships is from the actual Grox empire. The other 4 are from other saved games of mine. My in-game sporepedia downloaded a Grox ship clone, so I'm using that as my ship on my other saved games. Then it's just as simple as allying with my own saved games.

What's more fearsome than the flagship of the Vort empire with 5 Grox ships in tow?


  1. One of those just bit me on the leg a few days ago. I used some tweezers to get rid of it, but then it got infected.

  2. @ Looney: Really? I was unaware that those little cyborgs existed in real life and had the habit of biting people like ticks.

    Huh. You learn something new every day... lol

  3. Your formation is a big fuck you storming overhead.

    Was that your intent?

  4. A hand w/ fingers folded in, only the middle finger extended.

  5. @ Monique: No, that was not intentional. I can't choose the formation of my fleet.

  6. Hey, ya it does look like the formation is flippin' us off! *lol* Good eyes, Monique!! I didn't notice it until you mentioned it.

  7. So do the copied grox ships have the same attack power and health as the original grox ship?

  8. @ Anonymous (#8): Sadly, no. They have the same power as they would no matter what they look like. In this case, they are all 5-star empires, so they are just like any allied 5-star empire ship. But it looks cool...


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