Friday, September 3, 2010

«9/11 Mosque»

He's still yelling, but his last couple of videos have been better because they are directed by Cody Weber.

America: Mosque or Mausoleum?

My own thoughts on the subject are no different than TJ's (aka TheAmazingAtheist). I just have a softer voice...


  1. No, the freedom of religion really doesn't protect you in a zoning case where you're building a disrespectful, intolerant monument using funding you get from terrorists and the US gov't. This isn't about freedom of religion, it's about common sense. New York moves buildings all the time for any reason; if a structure so much as makes the skyline look worse, zoning officials can move it. It doesn't make any sense for a Sharia-complient anti-Western radical Muslim to be allowed to build a mosque, named after Islam's greatest victory in Spain, to commemorate the tragedy.

  2. @ Vid: I think he said in the video, why blame the entire religion for what one group did? It's like blaming all of Christianity for what the Westboro Baptist Church does. There's more important things in live to worry about.

  3. I'm not blaming all of Islam for it. I think it's really sad when people do that. But The Imam who wants to build this mosque is a radical, and he's not revealing his funding. They need to look into it a lot more before they let him build this.


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