Friday, September 10, 2010

«Sims 3: New Accomplices»

Grim can be such an ass.

Since I installed the newest update for the Sims 3, story progression has been actually working and there's a flood of new sims in the neighborhood. So Grim (being the Emperor of Evil) has some new "employees" (accomplices in crime).

One evening Grim went over the the house of one of his new employees (we'll call him George) and peered into the window. The wife spotted him. She wouldn't let Grim in the house at first. I suppose I don't blame her. You see the Grim Reaper peering in your window at night, inviting him inside isn't the first thing on your mind. George though had little choice to let Grim in. It's the equivalent of your Mob Boss coming for a visit, you don't turn him away for anything... Unless you want to "disappear".

Grim helped himself to dinner, and chatted with George's wife a bit. They got into a bit of an argument about what direction the moral compass should point... Turns out she had the Good trait and Grim has the Evil trait. Grim attacked George's wife, stole candy from their 3 babies, then proceeded to keep everyone up all night.

George's teenaged son thought Grim was pretty cool. Being the mean-spirited bastard that he is, he laughed as Grim beat up his mother. George didn't seem to mind, either. Or if he did, he wasn't about to show it. In the morning Grim returned home, with a better picture of who he has working for him.

It's all about keeping your underlings in check. They need to know who's in charge.


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