Thursday, September 9, 2010

«Table Rock»

August 18th I rode my bicycle up to Table Rock. It's a viewpoint that looks out over Boise Idaho. Click an image to view full.

Here's what it looks like up on Table Rock. The heat that day made getting up there tougher than it should have been.
View from Table Rock
Zoomed in on Boise, if you look a bit you can see the dome of the Capitol Building.
Boise Idaho from Table Rock
There's a path that goes down and around the cliff face. Every square inch of that cliff is covered with graffiti. Not just spray-painted, but carved into the soft rock.
Cliff, with Boise beyond.
There's also a cave under Table Rock.
Table Rock cave
Because you can see most of Boise from table Rock, it's a good place for cell antennas. Ironically, I had a rather poor cell signal up there. Must have been all the interference.
Antennas galore
Also something you can see from most of Boise is the giant cross they light up at night. I don't know who owns the land, but it just seems wrong... And why are the other religions neglected? I demand a giant Flying Spaghetti Monster to be lit up at night on Table Rock, that would be sweet!
Cross on Table Rock


  1. A cross? That's kind of morbid.

  2. @ Vid: I know it is. They worship the execution method their supposed savior was killed by. Then they feel the need to display it proudly? People are sick in the head...

  3. Looks like you will need to go up there again with a bunch of spaghetti!

  4. If you have a gripe about the cross, be mad at the Romans. They are the ones who chose crucifixion as a public death machine.


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