Wednesday, September 15, 2010

«Flu Vaccination»

I got a flu shot yesterday, you're welcome.

There's all these idiots in the anti-vaccination movement now, herd immunity is being weakened. As much as I'd like to allow natural selection to weed out the idiots, they put the rest of us in danger as well.

I usually don't get flu shots. I lived the life of a hermit in a small town on an island in Alaska. But now I'm in the Boise metropolitan area with 587,000 other people. I hate needles, the color drains from my face and I get light-headed when around them. But I hate being sick even more.

So I got my flu vaccination to protect myself and those around me, as well as the people around them and so on. If some of those people happen to be anti-vaccination idiots, they still get the benefit from the vaccinations of those around them. I won't be spreading the flu to anyone.

Did you get your flu shot yet?


  1. I usually wait until after I have gotten all the varieties of flu that are circulating in a given season before getting my flu shot. *sniffle*

  2. Ehh, no I don wanna get autism!!!!!!!!111!!1one1

  3. @ Looney: Yeah, I read you got sick when you got home. It's one of the reasons I decided to get a vaccination this year.

    @ Vid: OMGZorz!!11! It totally doesn't cause autism!!!!1!one!!1 (yes, I get your sarcasm.)

    Even if vaccinations did have a chance to cause autism, they would still save many more lives than they would ruin.

  4. I've got a cold too ... sniffle. Don't think it's the flu as I don't have a fever with it, just a slightly sore throat and a runny nose that kept waking me up during the night *yawn*
    Good for you getting your shots. I don't know how easy they are to get in the UK - they don't seem to offer them to just anybody.

  5. P.S. Good on you for protecting the herd - however undeserving - and thinking of the children; it's not their fault that their parents are morons.


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