Tuesday, September 21, 2010

«Boise Bugs»

There's a few bugs I'm seeing around here that I didn't see in Alaska. Click an image to view full.

This praying mantis was just hanging out on the balcony railing outside. It was about 3.5 inches long.
Praying mantis
It let me get my camera lens right in its face. The last creature to allow that was a deer.
Praying mantis head
I admit, after I had taken enough photos of the mantis I started to poke and prod it instead of just leaving it be. I thought it would be cool to get it on my hand so you could see the scale of it. I'm sure for some of you a praying mantis is a common sight. But for me this was about the biggest bug I'd ever seen. I started to grab it and it turned to grab me. I freaked out and threw the thing, and it flew away.

Then there's these little red bugs. I found one inside the house the other day. They are Box Elder nymphs (Boisea trivittata). I think it's just coincidence that Boise is part of the bug's species name.
Box Elder nymph
They seem to come in numbers. They were literally everywhere on this fence and the ground near it.
group of Box Elder nymphs
And then there's this spider. Hanging out with lunch in its mouth. I noticed some kids from across the street looking at something on a reserved parking sign in our yard. The kids scattered when they saw me. Evidently I'm scarier than the spider.
Bold jumping Spider with a fly in its mouth.
After Googling it, I think it's a Bold Jumping Spider (Phidippus audax). That's right: jumping spider. It can jump 50 times its own body length. Oh, and it can bite. Lucky for me (and the kids) I think it was content to just sit there with its meal. I learned my lesson from the praying mantis, and just let the spider be.

I see what you did there and I do not approve.
I couldn't resist...


  1. See any potato beetles? lol

  2. @ Vid: Ironically, I think I saw more potato bugs in Alaska than I'll ever see here in Idaho. They seem to like moist environments, and I'm in a desert here.

  3. You realise that these bugs are coming to get you don't you Marf? That's some scary looking bugs youve got coming after you there.

  4. Just don't let the camel spiders or yeti crabs get you!

  5. @ Bunc: Apart from that jumping spider, they can't really hurt me if they did try to "get me". Though I've read there's black widow spiders around here, and those could do some damage.

    @ Drew: Solifugid are not true spiders, but I guess they could be in the area. I'll be sure to photograph one if I see it, those things are creepy looking.

    I had to look up yeti crabs... Some form of sea creature? I don't think I have to worry about them!

  6. Reminds me of Predator. Great job on closeups.


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