Sunday, September 12, 2010

«Facebook Page»

Master Marf now has an official Facebook page!

Actually, it's been around since August 29th, 2010. Still fairly new, I just haven't announced it here until now. The whole point of it is to drive more traffic to here. Why would I direct you (already being a blog reader) to the Facebook page just so you can come back?

Oh, I know why! You can "like" the page while you're there. That way when others that haven't seen the blog go to the page, they'll notice other people like it. Maybe then they'll take the time to check out the blog. It can't hurt...

I know a couple of you already have. Most notably piper.secrets who left a comment on the wall there. Thanks!


  1. I got a facebook page but I cant stand facebook. Its a jumble of a site in my view. What do you think of it? I'll need to have a look for you.

  2. @ Bunc: I figured I should have a presence there since I run a website.


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