Monday, September 6, 2010

«Motivational Monday: Marf and Looney»

A very special Motivational Monday today. Yesterday I met Looney for the first time in real life. Looney and Mrs. Looney were passing through Boise Idaho, so we met for breakfast.

Unity / We are separated by opposing ideologies, yet we stand united in friendship.
Looney is the first person "from my blog" that I've met in real life1. It may seem that we're always at odds in the comments, him being a fundamentalist Christian and me being an atheist. But that's what keeps it interesting. I have a lot of respect for Looney, he's a brilliant guy.

Here is the full photo.
Marf and Looney

Click image to view full.

They were very kind, Looney even paid for my breakfast (now I feel like I owe him!). The topic of religion didn't even really come up.

1: He's the second person I've met in real life that I first met online. The first one was a freak 1-in-a-billion chance that they were also in Ketchikan.


  1. Wow, finaly as motivational poster that's actually motivational.

  2. @ Vid: Yeah, I know. Like I said, it's a very special one.

  3. Marf, you look exactly as i pictured you :p and i have to say, i am inspired by the relationship between you & Looney. if only things could be that way with my mother and me...

  4. Thanks for letting us give you a visit. Life certainly is more interesting if you share it with people who are different from you. We had one more night of camping and made it safely back home.

  5. @ piper.secrets: If only the world could be that way...

    There is a picture of me on my About page. Soon I'm going to put a new updated picture on there.

    @ Looney: Thanks for thinking of me when you noticed your path took you through Boise. Good to hear you made it home safe.

  6. Marf, thank you so much for picking "Rose Garden" to meet. The Garden truly surrounded by all kinds of beautiful roses. It is the prettiest one I have even seen.
    Happy Birthday! Hoping to see you sometime in San Francisco.
    - Mrs. Looney

  7. Hey just seen this - nice to hear that you managed a meet up. and now I can put a face to Looney as well.

  8. @ Mrs. Looney: Your welcome. I chose the location because I thought it would be easy to find, it was close to downtown, and the parking was free there.

    @ Bunc: You actually came up in conversation. You're one of the other people Looney would like to meet sometime.

    Yeah, it is nice to put a face to people online. Makes them seem more real somehow. I've seen pictures of Looney stepping out of the water on his own blog (after one of his long swims), but I couldn't really see his face.


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