Tuesday, September 28, 2010

«Urban Ninjas»

Professor Longhair, Big Chief

Friggin' urban ninjas man... They'll scale the side of a 2 story apartment building like it's nothing. If these guys were running from the police, they'd be gone in a flash.


  1. OMFG - this is Cambridge, UK, less than 12 miles from where I live!
    Consequently I was so distracted by looking out for buildings and areas that I recognised (and pausing/rewinding to read the signs on them to confirm my suspicions e.g. Cambridge Jewish Student Centre at time 1.25) that I wasn't watching the guys! Even when I watched it a second time ... and a third! Of course, they go to bits of the city that I don't suppose I will EVER see.

    Cambridge is a beautiful city, with amazing architecture. You'd love it - make sure to bring your camera if you ever visit.

  2. Gah that made my palms sweat and caused major cringe action. I'll share it w Bay but not Bren, he would go out and try to do the same damn thing.

  3. @ Linda: Isn't it strange how distracting that is when you see a video (or even a picture) that was taken near where you live?

    The Mythbusters did a segment in Ketchikan when I was living there, the pykrete boat experiment. I know exactly the boat harbor they launched from (it's on the South end of town) and I went to the highschool they built it in.

    @ Monique: Yeah, these people have crazy upper body strength, and they've slowly built up their bone density. They also have a lot of practice and mistakes under their belt.

  4. Amazing, I've done some of those moves in Mario games but never thought they could be done in real life.

  5. Awesome moves. If guys like this ever decide to take up housbreaking and burglry then we are all screwed.


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