Thursday, September 30, 2010

«Instruction Manual for Life»

Because this is how indoctrination works.

Instruction Manual for Life [cc]


  1. That was interesting, thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, that was very moving.
    My parents weren't really religious; they were Church of England, but went to church only for "hatch, match & dispatch" and never sent my brother or me to Sunday school. But my mum was still prejudiced against other religions. My brother married a Catholic, and she didn't like that at all; she always had something against Catholics though she would never explain quite what it was.
    I married someone from a Jewish background. When we just started going out, and before she met him, my Aunt asked his name. When I told her, she said, "He's not Jewish, is he?". Not even particularly subtle prejudice. She was always perfectly civil to him, but I always wondered what she *really* thought, deep down.
    It's very sad. I went through a religious phase ("flirty fished" at an impressionable age) but thank goodness I grew out of it and saw sense. My husband & I say that he's a Jewish atheist and I'm a C of E atheist.
    Even my brother's wife is starting to leave the church, but I don't think she's quite decided there's no god yet. We live in hope ;)

    We'd like a word for atheist that doesn't include the "theos" part. The Brights ( tried, but we think it sounds a bit pompous.

    Jeez, sorry, I've rambled on a bit here, haven't I?

  3. Drawers? Who needs drawers?

  4. @ Linda: It's sad when people judge by race, religion, or heritage.

    @ Vid: Exactly, I don't have a dresser or drawers...


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