Wednesday, September 1, 2010

«Idaho Capitol (Photo Heavy)»

Some of you may know Boise is the capitol of Idaho. Monday (August 30th, 2010) I visited the Capitol Building and took a few photos. Click an image to view full.

One thing I can say about state capitol buildings is their exteriors are highly photogenic.
Idaho Capitol Building in Boise
Idaho State Seal on the sidewalk outside the Capitol Building.
Idaho State Seal
Standing on the entryway stairs, looking down Capitol Boulevard.
Capitol Blvd in Boise
Inside is a grand architecture designed to make one feel small. It's beautiful, but struck me as a waste of space. Most of the building is for show. They just need a fountain in the center...
View inside the Idaho Capitol Building
And of course, Big Brother is watching...
Security camera
A decapitated angel on display. This really is Hell's stronghold.
Idaho Capitol Building in Boise
Government doing what it does best: keeping those Lobbyists safe and secure...
Lobbyists door behind a safe door.
I mean really, that door was sort of a WTF when i saw it...
Front side of the Lobbyists safe door.
Directly below the center of the dome, looking up. What's with the children's star wallpaper in the very center? Kinda ruins the mood, don't you think?
inside the Idaho Capitol Building's dome


  1. What's the bell at the bottom of the third picture? Is it some kind of Idaho Liberty Bell?

  2. @ Vid: It's a replica of the Liberty Bell.

  3. These are some nice shots. Is this where you post most of your photo work? or do you have something "flickr" like... I am curious and want to see more of your work.

  4. @ b_lank: Thanks. Yes, this is where I post most of my work. You can go through just the Photos tag if you wish to see the posts that include photos I have taken.


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