Wednesday, February 20, 2008

«Black Tears»

I usually don't like poems. I hate to write them, and most of them are a pain to read as well.

This poem is one exception. I connected with it somehow... I had stumbled upon it years ago on a forum, I believe. I was doing a Google search for something totally different, looking at various search results. I wasn't a member of the forum, or even had heard of it before.

Then it disappeared off the internet for the longest time. I thought it was one of those lost treasures, and I was one of the few that saved it. But now I see it's back on the internet, and can be found at Poems by Matthius. Now that I know there's a place to find more poems by this author, I'll have to go look.

Black Tears

Bleeding tears touch the rose,
Turning black as the emotions froze.
Timeless and everlasting,
sad thoughts of pain and suffering.

These words are the ones I feel,
these words are what is real.
Screaming sounds of anguish and emotion,
cries of pain for love and devotion.

This world is not always,
a perfect and happy place.
Seeing through a violent haze,
and going through the world at slow pace.

Tears fall from eyes,
formed of dark red blood.
Falling on a once red rose,
my tears they start to flood.

With each tear drop that leaves my eye,
the rose goes darker black.
With each tear that I cry,
there is no turning back.


I had even made a desktop background with the poem on it, here's the background I made:
Daemon Girl's Tears with Black Tears poem by Matthius.
click image to view full


  1. Ha ha, well, it wasn't something that went on and on, it just made a few breathing sounds, then stopped.

    But yeah, my computer is full of dust, as we found out the other day when we took it apart.

  2. It's good to clean out a computer every now and then, otherwise they can overheat. Overheating can cause all sorts of random problems.

    To those who don't have a clue why this got commented here, look at the comment I made over at her blog's post.


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