Friday, February 8, 2008

«An Easy Solution to the Oil Dependency»

Environmentalists always find a problem with every source of energy. Now they're complaining about biofules. I never did think biofules were all that good. It's not the most efficient process of extracting it and I feel it's the wrong direction for our fuel. It's still a pollution causing form of energy and it is driving up the cost of corn. There's all sorts of foods that have corn products in them, and we don't need our food to cost more.

Wind TurbinesI favor types of natural, renewable energy. Take hydroelectric for example. That's a wonderful source of energy. Or wind turbines, that's another great one. Solar panels should be on the roof of every house in sunny areas such as California, Nevada, and Arizona. Geothermal is a good source of energy. Even tidal and wave action can be harnessed. The technology is all there to have all the electricity we need, and then some, without burning oil. Once you have a surplus of electricity, it's no big deal to use some of that to get hydrogen from methane gas or even water. Then we can use hydrogen in our cars, trucks, and even trains. Suddenly, our dependence on oil is gone.

Hydroelectric DamIt would also help the economy. Not only would it stop US dollars from going overseas for oil, but it would create a ton of jobs in the US to build and maintain the various power plants. It would dramatically lower the cost of electricity, reducing the cost of manufacturing (not the mention the common household's power bill). Producing hydrogen with the excess electricity would reduce shipping and transportation costs. All of this would cause a surge in the economy. The cost of building and maintaining would quickly be paid for by what would otherwise be spent on oil.

Measures can be taken to make sure the fish can get around the hydroelectric dams. That's one of the things environmentalists complain about. Some of their other complaints get kinda stupid, like the wind turbines injuring birds. The large wind turbines don't move that fast anyway.

Trains should be used everywhere. They are far better and more fuel efficient for long distance freight than individual trucks. The trucks can haul the few miles from the train station to individual factories and stores. That would also keep a good deal of the trucks off the highways and ease traffic. Not to mention prevent the ruts they cause in the pavement.

Nuclear Power Plant Cooling TowersOh, speaking of environmentalists, you know those nature documentaries they have on TV? They always seem to show a nuclear power plant when they're talking about pollution. Nuclear power plants are absolutely clean. That's only steam coming from the cooling towers, not smoke!


  1. I actually saw this post back when I first came across your blog. All valid and good points Marf, I agree with you. You mentioned corn when you talked of biofuels. They actually can grow this stuff thats pretty much a weed, called switchgrass, that can be harvested a couple of times a year and has about the highest gal./ acre ratio of any biomass. I guess the big concern is that a lot of our food acreage would be converted to biomass crops. I think there needs to be a lot more focus on alternative fuels and power sources these days, but don't you think the big oil companys are suppressing and stifling any advances or progress? It's time the citizens start fighting a little harder for what we want and need.

  2. Indeed, it is in the oil companies' best interest if alternative energy sources are not found.

    I've always suspected that something has already been invented, and the oil companies bought up the idea and hid it.

  3. It's not the oil companies. It's the enivronmental wackoes that block progress and the oil companies just cave in and go else where instead of fighting thru the hoops.

    We have a HUGE oil buffet right under our own feet that's saying "Drill us!"
    and we have safer drilling techniques such as drilling side=ways or listening for oil thru soundwaves before you even begin to drill in the 1st place.

    Did I mention that oil spills on land are a lot cheaper and faster to clean up then on the ocean and safety measures can be taken so animal impacts will be minimum in the event of rare oil spills?

    Plus while we make new refineries we can still look at alternative energy without putting the economy in jeopardy by making us a welfare nation which is what these environmental agencies want out of us.

    Everybody will be equal but poor and the rich elite owns everything and tells you where you can work/how often you drive/how often you shower each day.etc

    They will go so far as to put cameras in your house and a personal police guard at your door to listen in for any anti-propaganda in the name of safety.

    Communist China is rising like we were in the 1900s because people are demanding freedom and compared to 10 years ago they have more then twice the amount of personal automobiles and cell-phones.

    In 1996 you could walk down the street and only the rich would have a car but now just about everyone does and they have cell phones like we do *in some cases with better technology*

  4. People are getting better wages instead of slave labor so big companies are considering moving back to America since they cannot rip people off there using cheap labor.

    The spiritual conscience is shifting and you are either in or out.


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