Thursday, February 28, 2008

«This is a holdup; I've got a Spork»

Marf's titanium sporkA spork was used in an attempted armed robbery in Anchorage, Alaska. When I think of a spork, "weapon" is not the first thing to come to mind. A spork is more of an unusual utensil with a sort-of cult following. It's a hybrid between a spoon and a fork.

What's even more funny, it was only a plastic spork. Maybe I could understand if it was a titanium spork, like the one I have (cult following, remember?). My dad gave it to me as a gift. I mean, come on... What's more cool (or at least odd) than a titanium spork? The image to the right is a picture I took of my spork.

Here's a picture that could be used as a desktop background, if you have a low resolution (image is 1024x768):
Spork / It's not a concept; it's a religion.

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  1. Lol , spork , love the picture. Heya i too blog about funny content.

    Keep blogging

  2. Gone with the blast wave rules
    by GreenArmySuvivior

  3. Sporks are our friends. Sadly, if they are in the wrong crowd and led astray that can become nuisances that need to be curtailed. Luckily, rarely do those fine folks the sporks go astray.


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