Monday, February 18, 2008

«Other Planets With Life Are Out There»

Still think there's no aliens out there? Turns out planets that could support life are common. I fully believe we're not the only planet with life: and not the only planet with intelligent life, either. But I don't believe they've ever been here. (What crashed at Roswell was a weather/spy balloon, Area 51 is an experimental aircraft testing facility, etc.)

You figure, there's trillions of stars out there, probably billions with planets; there's going to be other places life developed. Unless you're one of those that believes we're God's special planet, and everything was created for our benefit; that we were created in His image. Then you have the nerve to call pride a deadly sin... The most serious one at that.


  1. Good chance that theres other life out there I think Marf. Whether its as "intelligent" as us is another matter. It could be just green slime. Mind you there is a lot of that here as well.

    The creationists real agenda

  2. In a universe of infinite possibilities what would make anyone think we're alone?


  3. yes, I think there has to be other life out there and possibly a lot of it. Intelligent? Well since right now we have determined the definition of intelligence, then who knows. But, I believe it's likely. Good article.
    I skimmed your site and hopped to your other one also. I like the content.
    Do your links to x-pedia have a monetary reward or are there just for viewers convenience?
    Also, could you explain Google reader and feeds to me in a nut shell?(I'm new at this if you couldn't tell) Is it like bookmarks or favorites?

  4. Sorry, I forgot my contact info...
    Afterall, you don't want to fill your post replys with answers to my questions, I'd imagine.

  5. bunc, I don't mean to say that all life out there is intelligent. Most of it would have only evolved to green slime. But why should we be the only ones?

    tc, I don't mind replying here, so everyone can read it. None of the links on my blog (other than the google ads) are for profit. All are for for viewer convenience.
    How about I do an article that explains feeds in more detail?

  6. Marf - I have left a set of instructions in answer to your question in the comments on this post -
    Bible cant get story straight.

  7. Howdy Marf.

    The counter argument is fairly simple: Assuming life had evolved numerous times throughout the universe and our planet is just an ordinary case, then it is inevitable that some planet would be millions of years more advanced than our own. So why is it that we haven't seen them?

    Answer 1: They are too remote and/or space travel to other stars will always be impossible.

    Answer 2: The Prime Directive is actually taken seriously.

    Answer 3: Men in Black.

    Answer 4: We truly are unique, or at least effectively unique as life forms perhaps only once per galaxy and intergalactic travel is impossible.

    Answer 5: We live in The Matrix and what we see is controlled by The Program.

    Are there any other answers?

  8. Hey Looney, thanks for checking in and commenting.

    There could be civilizations millions of years more advanced.

    Although it would be disappointing, it could be an impossibility to travel at faster than light speeds. This would severely limit contact between worlds.

    I am a Star Trek fan. There could be some form of Prime Directive, but they'd need to mask their communication signals and make sure Hubble doesn't get a picture of their ship. Or cloaking devices.

    Men in Black was merely a movie. There would be reports of unusual body structures in the event of an accident or injury. Even the little mind erasers can't stop a cell phone picture from going viral on the internet.

    Even just in our own galaxy, there's such a high probability that there's other life.

    Ah, yes... There is no spoon. Even if we are taken over by computers, that wouldn't stop the existence of life on other planets. It has nothing to do with it.

    My best guess would be they don't know about us yet. We've only been sending out radio signals for the past century. Only those within 100 light years would be picking us up. We may be one of 100,000 planets they know about with life. They just haven't gotten around to re-checking Earth for intelligent life.

  9. Marf, if you get bored you can hop on over to my blog and help Bunc out while he is gone!

  10. looney, I have checked out your blog. I left a comment on the article with the seagull. And I have subscribed to your feed, so you can expect more comments in the future.

    But remember, my thoughts are my own. I'm not necessarily a mirror of Bunc.


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