Saturday, February 16, 2008

«The Toxic Satellite»

Another example of how hypocritical the US government is. Now they're planning to shoot down that satellite. Just last year they shunned China for doing the same thing to a Chinese satellite... Just another example of "we have WMDs, but no-one else can."

I think the Russians are correct. The US is testing an anti-satellite weapon, just like China did. Only instead of just fessing up to it, they use the dangerous fuel as an excuse. It very well may be a valid excuse. That doesn't change the fact that they have special missiles designed for this purpose, and this is a way to test them.

There's also conspiracies about the "real" reason they're shooting it down. Some say the technology on board might survive reentry and fall into the wrong hands. It is a spy satellite after all. Then there's the wild ones, like it's part of an alien space craft...


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