Sunday, February 10, 2008

«Wise Bald Guy was Right»

I'm sure in the next few days there will be more news coverage of the protests. Pictures from many different protest locations are available at Wikinews. I suggest you take a look. Overall, I'd say it went pretty well. No reports of violence, and a fair turnout world wide. I think in time the turnout of future protests will be larger, as the general public is made aware of how dangerous and manipulative of a cult Scientology is.

A Wise Bald Guy message to Anonymous (recorded 2 days ago) [Video has been removed]

As the Wise Bald Guy says, you can tell a lot about an organization from how they respond to a protest against them. This is how Scientology responded. I suppose you can say they, too, had a "welcoming committee."

Atlanta Georgia Scientology Protest, February 10, 2008.Click image to view full


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