Tuesday, February 26, 2008

«In the Name of Religion, I Block You (Part 2)»

YouTube removed the video that caused Pakistan to ban Youtube, claiming it was offensive to Islam. So Pakistan un-banned YouTube. Now, there's something wrong with that. Why should what I see be censored because it's offensive to a belief system I don't follow anyway?

It's one thing for Pakistan to block anything it wants from its own country. (I still don't think it's right, but they run their country as they see fit.) But it's quite another to impose that censorship upon the rest of the world. YouTube was wrong to remove the video. It sets a poor precedent. Now any religion or group could complain about videos and expect them removed (Scientology, anyone?). If they don't get their way, they could claim unequal treatment and religious discrimination, because they did it for Islam.

Pakistan Blocks YouTube Over Blasphemous Videos

It's tough to "delete" something that's been on the internet. Videos have a tendency to be re-posted. I'm not sure if this video is really the one that caused all the fuss, but it seems to be a re-post of it. Even from time index 1:48 and after, it isn't that bad. It's one man expressing his opinion.


  1. I think that its outrageouus You Tube blocking a video. Why should a religion recieve special treatment? I fully supported the Damish newspapers publishing the Prohet Muhammed cartoons. I think Free Speech is being seriously undermined by this nonsense

  2. Damish? My free speech is seriously undermined by my spelling sometimes.

  3. Oh, I totally agree it's wrong to block something because a religion demands it. I also support the Danish newspapers.

    And I do that dyslexic stuff all the time. I'm a horrible speller anyway, and I don't type fast enough to keep up with my thoughts. I'll only be half way done typing a word and I start to type the next word. At least we have spell checkers.


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