Thursday, February 7, 2008

«Ninjas, Pirates, and Sharks with Laser Beams»

Ok, new poll is up. In the event you're reading this some time in the future when there's a different poll, this one's about a fight between a ninja, pirate, and a shark with a laser beam attached to its head. The last one expired before I wanted it to. I forgot to set the expiration date, and I think it defaults to a week. This one I just gave about a year, I'll remove it myself when I want a different poll.

The results of the last poll, "Do you support Anonymous's war on Scientology?" was an overwhelming 10 "Yes" out of 10 total votes. I suppose that says more about the audience I've targeted more than an accurate polling of the general public.

I think the general public wants to see a mutual annihilation of both sides. But they don't quite understand what Anonymous is. They are not hackers on steroids like the media says. The media only says that because it sounds more exciting.

And I'm not saying much about Super Tuesday because I'm sure it's being blogged to death by enough people. I'll just say that my local state of Alaska voted for Obama on the democratic side, and I think we as Alaskans made the correct choice.


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