Thursday, February 21, 2008

«One Month»

As of today, my blog is one month old. I haven't missed a day yet.

Through a Google search that brought up an email address, I've recently managed to make contact with an old friend that moved away years ago. That's been the highlight of my week (or month, whatever). Been sending emails back and forth, updating each other on our current status in life. Kinda makes me realize how little I've accomplished compared to what I should have by now, but whatever... I'm not going to go into that now.

Thanks to the Escape Hatch blog, I'm now hooked on the Cyanide & Happiness comics. Just another random web comic that I've subscribed to in Google Reader. I'm getting quite a collection of random comics, websites, and blogs.


  1. Congrats on the one month mark...

    I SO love Cyanide and Happiness, and will admit to looking through them from the first to present day...

    Share your finds, I would love to see them. Seems we share a taste for odd/off, no odd was right, humor.

  2. None of my friends have blogs or are interested in them (I can't even get them to read my blog). That and I don't have many friends. lol

    But I do have an odd sense of humor. Some may even call it warped or twisted.

  3. None of my real friends have blogs either, I wouldn't want them to read mine, as boring as it may be....

    So out w/ it already. I want to see some of the webcomics you read.

    Kinda poetic if you read it fast-L

  4. Heh, maybe in a later post. There's a few I read on a regular basis, but not a ton.


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