Tuesday, April 15, 2008

«Trying a Few New Things»

I've implemented a truncation for posts on the main page of the blog. You'll notice it as a link that says »See the rest of "POST TITLE"». All the great blogs have truncation, like Gizmodo, Engadget, and Lifehacker. It's so I can have long posts, but not have them clutter up my main page and make it really long.

If you'd like to do this on your Blogger blog (if you have one), the Blogger help pages has a nice section on how to do this: How can I create expandable post summaries?

I've put up a new poll, the other one about the layout was getting so old no-one even knew what the old layout looked like. The new poll is about the new post truncation and can be found in the sidebar. The results of the previous poll question: "What do you think of the new layout?" were It's great! 8, No opinion 1, and Old one was better 0.

Do you like the post truncation?

I'm trying something a little different. In an effort to keep old polls alive indefinitely, I'm going to start including the poll in the post I announce it in, as well as the sidebar. I've tested this in my test blog and it seems to work. So when I make a new poll, you will always be able to find this poll in this post. I'm sure the folks that work at Blogger didn't expect polls to be used like this, but as long as it works I may as well do it.

I'd like to have a FAQ section, but first I need some questions first. So go ahead and send me an email (to stop spambots, you must have javascript enabled to view the email address.) or something with some questions. They can be about me, my site, or the town I live in (Ketchikan Alaska). Or something completely random.

That email address I have listed in the paragraph above is also something new I'm trying. It's written in with javascript, so the spambots can't scan the page and get my email. I've had this system in my About section when I first put it up, but it's a little more complicated to do in a blog post. I had to re-write my script so it can be used for multiple instances on the same page.

Here's an impressive thing I saw on YouTube, an elephant painting a picture of an elephant. I don't care how the elephant was taught to do that, it's impressive.

Elephant Paints Self Portrait


  1. Wow, you're so organized and orderly! [^.^] Me, I'm chaotically organized and orderly. It all makes sense to me, but no one else. [^-^]

    If I think of any questions for your FAQ section I'll let ya know. Oh, and by the way, the elephant self-portrait video is no longer available on YouTube--so it says.

  2. Yeah, I see it says it was removed use to a copyright claim... I hate copyright...

    And what struck you as organized?


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