Wednesday, August 27, 2008

«Angry Computer»

I've posted a video before of computer-related anger. Here's one where the computer finally has had enough of the abuse...

Angry Man


  1. Yes, I have worked on that computer before!

  2. I should get my son to watch this--he might not find it funny 'cause the old monitor he had hooked up to his damaged laptop just went kaputz last night, and boy was he in a rage, but he didn't smash anythin'.

    He was tryin' so hard to keep his cool.

    Now, he has no computer and he's not allowed to touch mine. It's tv and video games from hereon until the laptop is fixed. He's gotta save up for it.

    Also, my brother's computer suddenly went kaputz the day before the old monitor kicked the bucket. Weird how the electronics downstairs is failing. I hope nothin' happens to mine, although my wireless connection hasn't been workin' for the past two days (I'm on an unsecured connection at the moment). I don't know what's up with that.

  3. Bernadette- Oh no, I feel sorry for the kid. Good for you though, sticking to it is hard but a lesson much needed.

  4. @ |bernadette|: Wow, I wounder if you're getting bad quality power? I wouldn't think so on a huge power grid, but you never know.


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