Wednesday, March 19, 2008

«Blog Supplement Pages»

You'll notice the sidebar here at the blog looks a little different. The profile info is gone and there's now a Navigation "widget" in its place. You can still view my blogger profile from the navigation.

Here are the people who careThe blog supplement pages are up, at least the About, Links, and Quotes sections. I haven't created the Games section yet, that may take a little longer. These sections are essentially the same I had on Realm of Marf. I've just updated them with the new template and added to the About section. I've also taken them off Realm of Marf; these are the replacements.

The new pages are on a googlepages domain, not blogspot. I hand-wrote the pages in notepad, and they validate as xhtml Strict, go ahead and click the little orange validation button at the bottom of the pages, you'll see. Blogger blogs don't validate at all, they have hundreds of errors; and there's nothing the blog owner can do about it.

What does the validation mean? It means it's free of any errors in the code. It means I took that extra step to make sure my pages are the best they can be. It means I care about my viewers. You'd be surprised at how few pages there are out there without errors.

EDIT: The Blog Supplement pages have been moved to a subdomain of the new domain.


  1. Awww Marf, you make us feel so special. You are also glaringly intelligent, hope you always work on the side of good. Otherwise you could be very scary !!

    Thanks for the link.

    Did you see that you are linked on Bernadette's dA page ? She linked to the Doodle Page and I already have 2 new doodlers. Yea.

  2. Intelligent with computers, I'll go with. But I'm not good at everything... I can't spell correctly if my life depended on it. A lot of times I'll butcher a word so bad the spell checkers can't figure out what I meant. So I'll either use a different word or eventually get it.

    Bernadette emailed me to ask if she could link to me. Of course I said yes. Almost any link is a good link.

    Especially a text link. I did some further digging and research, and a text link is better than an image link with alt text.

    I've just added the Doodle Page and Naikou on deviantART (Bernadette's page) to my links.

  3. Hey - Can you help me... Oh wise one...

    I want to put a poll w/in a post, possible, not possible ?

  4. I think the easiest way would be to use some external polling service, and they might have some html you can include in your post.

    It might be possible with the blogger polls, although it'd take some creative copy-paste from the source of your blog... the polls are in their own iframe, so you might be able to create a poll in your blog layout settings, then find the code for it in the source code of your blog.

    I'm not sure if you could then remove it from your blog layout and still have it work in the post. I'd have to do some tests in my test blog...


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