Thursday, July 31, 2008

«Series Title Standardizations»

I decided to go back and edit the post titles of a few of my post series. It occurred to me that they were not in any way standardized.

  • Caturday usually just had the word "Caturday" somewhere in the title.
  • Cruise Ship Watch used a colon separator.
  • Motivational Monday used a hyphen as a separator.
  • Musical Taste had the longer name of "Insight Into My Musical Taste" followed by "Part #", it didn't even say the artist name in the title.
Now they are all standardized to use a colon as a separator, [Series Name]: [Post Name]. So I didn't need to change the cruise ship ones (because they were already organized that way). If you are subscribed to my webfeed, depending on what reader you use it might be all mixed up now. It happens when you update old posts sometimes. Not much I can do about it.

I had a hard time deciding exactly what I was going to use as a separator. I liked both the colon and the hyphen. What ultimately made up my mind is Blogger uses a colon to separate the name of the blog from the post title, so I figured I'd keep to that.


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