Wednesday, September 24, 2008

«Chair Tribe»

So I'm going along in my space ship checking out lesser life forms, and I come across this tribal planet...

Tribe of chairs in Spore

Click image to view full

Hmm... Chair tribe...

The game randomly downloads the creations of other players to populate your galaxy with. I just happened to find a tribe of sentient furniture. Can I facepalm yet?

That holographic image is of the main species I'm playing, they are modeled after the Vortigaunt from the Half-Life series.


  1. Oh, I forgot to say, didn't I? It's Spore. I guess I figured I had been talking about Spore so often lately that I didn't mention it in this post.

  2. Have you come across any of the penis creatures you were anticipating?

  3. @ Monique: No, actually, I have not. I've come across some strange creatures like these chairs or a train engine... But no penis creatures.

  4. Train engine? That's odd. So these other creatures, does your interaction affect their game play? Or is it just filler for yours?

  5. It's not a multiplayer game, so no. My interaction doesn't directly affect any one else's game. However, my creations could randomly show up in other people's games.

  6. That would be really intense if you could wipe another gamer out and they had to start over....

  7. @ Monique: I'm glad it's not like that. Because sure enough, you'd have someone take over the entire galaxy and kill everyone else.

    Besides, I don't want my empire to be destroyed when I'm not there. The galaxy isn't big enough for all the players anyway. Sure, there's hundreds of thousands of stars and planets; and that's plenty for me, but not everyone else as well.


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