Wednesday, September 17, 2008

«Spore: Creature Stage»

The second stage of the game begins when your little cell's brain grows a little, and he moves up onto land. You're dropped into the creature editor where you can change the look of your little creature in a 3D environment (up until now the game has been 2D). Then there's a little cut scene that shows your newly-created creature reaching the surface of the water and going onto land, calling the others of his kind to follow him.

The game has changed to an RPG type of game. Now you don't get DNA points and advance in the game just simply from eating. You still have to eat, though; there's a hunger indicator. You advance (and get DNA points) by either making friends with a neighboring nest of another species or eradicating them to extinction.

Just like the cell stage, you call for a mate to enter the editor (although now you have to be near your nest). Also, just like the cell stage, you're such an unimaginative intelligent designer that you have to find a part before you can add it to your creature. Unlike the cell stage, however, is that there's so many parts that it takes a long time to find the one you want. My first time through I was almost to the end of the creature phase before I found any new eyes; I was stuck with the ones from the cell stage for the longest time.

If you find any rouge creatures, be sure to befriend them. As your brain grows you can add other creatures to your pack and rouge creatures are bigger and stronger than their usual versions. They're great to bring in a raiding party.

Also, beware of Epic creatures. They're about the size of Godzilla and can't be befriended. They like to one-hit kill you with a stomp. And despite their size, they have a way of sneaking up on you. It is possible to defeat them in the creature phase, because there's an achievement for it. Yes, there's people that already have, too. But it's tough when it has 1,000 HP, you're at maybe 50 HP, and it can one-hit kill you.

After you've collected enough DNA points, your brain grows and you go on to the Tribal phase. Congratulations! Your creature has become sentient. You'll have one last time to do any finishing touches to your creature's appearance.


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