Sunday, September 28, 2008

«Now it's Official, I'm a Spore Addict»

I've hit the 100 hour mark...
Spore Addict Achievement screenshot.

Click image to view full

Or, if you don't want to view full, here's just the achievement.
Spore Addict / Spend 100 hours in your Spore galaxy
Yeah, you know you're an addict when even the game tells you so...


  1. You Spore junkie!!! [^.^] I say that with love.

    My son's interest in it has peaked. OH NOES!!! I'm okay, I'm okay . . . breathe, inhale, exhale. [^-^]

  2. Wow.

    How many different li'l creatures do you have?

  3. I don't think you needed an achievement to tell you the obvious.

  4. The first step in recovery is to recognise the pproblem marf. :-)

  5. @ naikou: Your son may be a goner. lol

    @ Monique: Actually, not too many. I've been playing with the one in the picture most of the time.

    @ Trevor: Yeah, I suppose you're right.

    @ Bunc: But you have to want to recover, and I don't.


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