Sunday, September 7, 2008

«Top of Deer Mountain»

A while back (May 13th) I went part of the way up Deer Mountain until the snow became prohibitive. I took some pictures that day along the way and shared them here. Yesterday (September 6th, 2008) my dad and I went to the top. So here's a few pictures from 3,001 feet of elevation here in Ketchikan, Alaska. Click an image to view full.

This is a true bird's-eye view of my home town; Ketchikan, Alaska. You can see the top of Deer Mountain from about everywhere in town, so you can see about the entire town from the top.
View of Ketchikan, Alaska from the top of Deer Mountain.
This is the view off to the left of the previous picture. This is South of town and the Alaska Native town of Saxman. Off in the distance you can barely make out Metlakatla if you view the full-size image.
View of Saxman, Alaska from the top of Deer Mountain.
This is the very top of Deer Mountain, with an official height of 3,001 feet above sea level.
Exact top of Deer Mountain.
Looking across the mountain ridge to other mountains. You can see, there's still some snow up here. I really like how the alpine looks up here.
Mountain Ridge with snow.
This is down off the top of the mountain, right in the alpine you can see in the previous picture.
Mountain alpine.


  1. It is so gorgeous there. Thanks for sharing these.

    I really like that the water in the first pic forms a heart shape.

    But I kinda geek out over those things....

  2. @ Monique: I know, it can be beautiful around here. I didn't even notice the heart-shape, though.

  3. lovely pics beautifull scenery

  4. @ Paz: Indeed. It seems like there would be a few places in Ireland that looks similar to the alpine.

    Thanks for commenting!

  5. Yes, I like the scenery too. 3,000 feet seems like it would be a good daily workout. How long did it take to get up and down? Is it difficult in the snow using snowshoes? Or too dangerous?

  6. @ Looney: Thankfully, there was only one snow patch we had to cross. It was very dangerous... Hardened icy snow at a steep angle and I was only wearing slip-on shoes. We went around it on the way back down. That's why I waited for so late in the year; so there wouldn't be much snow.

    2.5-3 hours or so going up and 1.5 hours back down (we were moving pretty good back down).


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