Tuesday, September 16, 2008

«Ctr+Alt+Del Silly "Spore"»

You Oka-? / Spore
From Ctr+Alt+Del.

I think Spore is starting to turn me into a zombie...


  1. You're putting in some serious time on it then? What's your li'l being doing now?

  2. They started out as barely more than an amoeba, but they've built up to become a galactic empire.

    They've got about 25 star systems under their control now... And made about 4 other space-fairing species extinct in the process. Yeah, they're not what one would call "nice guys".

    I want to see if I can take control of the entire outer part of their arm of the galaxy. Probably not though, way too many stars...

  3. How are you getting around that Galaxy Marf - on one of your warp bubbles?

  4. @ Bunc: They don't really go into it. But there's a ripple visual effect behind the ship when flying between star systems, so there's something going on.


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