Friday, September 12, 2008

«Finally Have Spore»

I finally have Spore, so I'll see you later...


  1. L... And there he goes.....

    At least tell us about it !

  2. Your lucky that it works for you because I downloaded the trial version and just after the install was completed and I ran Spore for the first time I immediately got an error message that the program couldn't run because the graphics card in my desktop computer wasn't supported.

  3. @ Rick: Is in an older graphics card?

  4. Indeed it is Marf, my desktop computer is about
    7 years old, though I just bought a new Dell Laptop computer so hopefully Spore should work on that.

  5. @ Rick: Yeah, that's why it wouldn't work on your computer, then. Games are one of the things that push computers to their limits; even the newest top-of-the-line computers.

    Although Spore seems to be running smoothly for me, and I have most of the settings set to max. I have a little lag sometimes when I'm zooming in and out of a planet in the space phase.

    I'm running an AMD 64 FX-55 (2.6 GHz), 2 GB memory, and an NVidia 7800 GS, with 64-bit Windows Vista. When I built it it was top-of-the-line, but now it's a few years behind the leading edge. Still does fairly well with most games, though.

    If your new laptop is even a mid-range system, it should be able to play spore; just perhaps not at the highest settings.


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