Tuesday, September 9, 2008

«New Header and Logo»

I've been wanting a logo for my blog for a while now. I've been trying to think up a design but kept coming up empty. Then it came to me. I already had one; my favicon. So I designed a logo for my header here at the blog, based on the favicon. If you have javascript enabled, the "M"s will light up slightly when you hover over it. When you click it, it takes you back to the blog's home page. What do you think?

Google Chrome has their logo that looks like a pokeball, I have my glowing green ball with an "M" across it. It all works out... I might make some banners and buttons later, but right now I don't have much need for them.


  1. "....buttons.....right now I don't have much need for them."

    Uh helloooo, 6 months ago I seem to remember someone saying "I'll make one for you".....

    ....... That someone was you.

  2. @ Monique: I was wondering if you'd bring that up.

  3. Nice design for the Logo /Heading Marf - it fits with your overall blog design really well.

  4. Like there was any doubt I would bring it up.... puh--leaze.

  5. @ ashley: Don't worry, they shall continue...


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