Thursday, September 18, 2008

«Spore: Tribal Stage»

So you've got a sentient species now. They build a hut. Now your “currency” is no longer DNA points, but food. And your species isn't the only one to become sentient, several other tribes of other species rise as well. The game has changed genres again, now it is an RTS. You control each member of your tribe separately.

I was least impressed with this stage. It was really confusing for me in regards to interacting with other tribes. Then, once I did figure it out I had my first problems with glitches and bugs. With one species, they'd all gather around to play their music, but they'd never actually play. I had to reboot my computer between each performance in order to get past that stage. You have one of two options with opposing tribes, play a musical performance for them twice to become allies, or attack and destroy their hut.

The tribal stage was also the least fun for me, even when it worked properly. More strategy goes into being hostile then befriending other tribes. Also, the other tribes never seem to interact with each other; just you. Overall, I am not too impressed with this stage at all. It's more of an obstacle for me to get through so I can continue having fun with my creatures later.


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