Thursday, March 13, 2008

«New Favicon»

Master Marf favicoI made a favicon for Master Marf. It's part of the work I'm doing behind the scenes in preparation of merging this blog and Realm of Marf. I figured I'd go ahead and apply the icon to the blog now. I used to make the icon. At first I tried to create a little dragon similar to the ones in the header, with an M stamped over the top of it. It didn't look like anything, however. You couldn't tell it was a dragon at all, and you couldn't even see the M very well either. So I went with this one; a sphere with an M across it. Kinda reminds me of the doorknob in the movie Home Alone for some reason, but whatever. I tried a double M, but that didn't work too well either. The letter M is just too damn wide, and two of them don't fit very well within a 16x16 icon. I'm satisfied for now with what I have. What do you think about the icon? At least it's not the default blogspot icon.

March 15 is fast approaching. Be ready to grab your party hat, Guy Fawkes mask, protest sign, and party hard! March 15th is L. Ron Hubbard's birthday, and Scientology deserves one hell of a celebration (protest) from Anonymous. Here's a message from Wise Bald Guy:

Party Hard Anonymous


  1. I think it looks great, very distinct....

  2. Thanks. I got tired to the generic orange blogger icon.

  3. Now I am really envious. Good think you used a different color scheme than Mario. It will be difficulty to create an icon which truly represents the character of Looney.

  4. @Looney: I didn't even think of Mario, but you're right. I wouldn't want my icon to look like his hat.

    I'm not sure what would go best with yours, but probably something orange. Maybe a crazy looking orange emoticon?


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