Wednesday, May 14, 2008

«Deer Mountain (Photo-Heavy)»

Yesterday I went for a hike on the Deer Mountain trail. I knew I wouldn't get to the top, because there's 50 or so feet of snow up there. Deer Mountain is 3,001 feet tall, and I'd say I made it to about 1,800 feet (just a guess) before the snow was prohibitive. Click an image to view full.

Here's a picture of the mountain.
Deer Mountain in Ketchikan, Alaska from the cruise ship docks.
Half a mile into the trail, elevation 980ft.
Half mile into the Deer Mountain Trail. Elevation is 980 feet, May 13 2008.
Not much past the previous picture, here's the first significant patch of snow.
First significant patch of snow on Deer Mountain Trail, May 13 2008.
And from there on there were patches across the trail in some places.
Snow across the trail, May 13 2008.
3/4 mile into the trail, elevation 1,240.
Three quarter mile into the Deer Mountain Trail, elevation is 1,240 feet, May 13 2008.
1 mile into the trail, elevation 1,500.
One mile into the Deer Mountain Trail, elevation is 1,500 feet, May 13 2008.
There's a viewpoint right past the 1 mile sign. There were 5 elderly people up there at this viewpoint. Two of them were talking on cell phones, while two others (presumably their wives) were worried about roaming charges. Finally one of the ones on the phone said they weren't roaming. It just struck me as funny. Here I am, 1,500 feet high on a mountain, had to walk through snow to get here... And I find a bunch of old people on cell phones. Here's a picture from the viewpoint.
Deer Mountain Trail viewpoint photo, May 13 2008.
I zoomed in as far as I could (20x) on Metlakatla from the viewpoint.
Metlakatla as seen from Deer Mountain viewpoint, May 13 2008.
A bit past the viewpoint, the trek gets more challenging.
Difficult snow on the Deer Mountain Trail, May 13 2008.
I looked directly across to another mountainside at my elevation, to find it covered in snow. No doubt my side looks similar.
Snow covered mountainside across from me, May 13 2008.
This is as far as I got. Keep in mind, I was only wearing slip-on shoes. I was starting to fall through the snow patches, so I turned around.
Little bridge, as far as I got on Deer Mountain Trail, May 13 2008.
I took a picture of part of town I could see from here, then descended back down the mountain. Looks like a junkyard or something on the South end of town.
View of a junkyard South of town from Deer Mountain, May 13 2008.


  1. WHOA. Those are incredible. I am so jealous (or as jealous as I get).

    What an amazing place to explore... I'm glad to hear that you still appreciate it.

    The old people thing is very funny.

    JSYK - I'm snagging many of these.

  2. These are great photos! Just gorgeous!

  3. @ Monique: Too bad I won't be able to get to the top until probably August, if at all this year. And yeah, I still appreciate it.

    @ Barbara: Thanks.

    Good thing I went yesterday. It's stormy today. (it was Monday as well)


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