Saturday, November 21, 2009

«Caturday: Froze Quick Zombies»

It's like we came out of a rainstorm and abruptly fell into a cold winter on the 13th. It's been cold with snow on the ground ever since.

Mah pee froze and I wasn't dun yet quick
Let me inz da zombys rz cominz


  1. Eeeuuuw, snow! I hope we don't get mounds of it this winter. Gawd, no! I still haven't put on my winter tires or done an oil change, change the fuel filter, and so on and so on. I'm so behind in everything. *sigh*

  2. @ Berni: Yeah, I hate snow and the cold, too.

  3. @ Marf:Then why do you live in Alaska?

  4. @ Vid: Because I was born and raised here. I haven't been able to escape my life on the rock yet.

  5. Alaska must suck i live in meeker CO and it get to like -30 and 3ft of snow

  6. @ Stefan: Actually, it rarely reaches 0 deg F, and it's uncommon to have 3 feet of snow all at once here (in Ketchikan, anyway). So you're in a worse area than I am. We get a lot of rain all year.

    It's warmed up here now. About 39 degrees, windy and raining.

  7. @ Stefan i live in craig Co it gets cold here too


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