Wednesday, November 4, 2009

«Vernell the Thief»

Vernell (from my Sims 3 legacy) is well on her way. She has a beautiful set of traits, and I am taking full advantage of them.

I've always wanted a Grim Reaper statue in my family's backyard graveyard. However, the statue can only be bought on community lots (not household lots). There is a way to get it though... You need a Kleptomaniac sim, and it just so happens that Vernell is one. I sent her to the town graveyard and after stealing some random guy's remains, she stole the Grim Reaper statue in the graveyard. Then you can go back home and into buy mode, where you copy the statue with the eyedropper tool. You can then return the original.

Grim reaper statue on a household lot.

Click image to view full.

Vernell married some hot-headed jackass named Buck. He doesn't really have any redeeming traits. Buck is the type of guy that would come home drunk and beat his wife. There weren't many options for a mate. My neighborhood is dying, they're mostly all old people now. I have the game patch to thank for that. The patch fixed the problem of random children appearing in single parent households. However, I think those random children were needed to maintain the neighborhood's population.


  1. Wait, why would you need a Grim Reaper statue? He can't die, can he?


  2. @ Vid: The statue is just for decoration.

    My Grim Reaper can't die of old age (because he doesn't age), but he still could die of anything else that would kill a sim.

  3. Isnt there someway of going into the coding of the game and removing the patch? or just undownloading/deleting it if it was downloaded?

  4. @ S1x Legi0ns: No, when you put in a patch it replaces the game's executable file (among other things). In order to revert back you must uninstall the game and reinstall.


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