Monday, November 2, 2009

«Motivational Monday: Broomrape»

Is there no oversight when naming streets? I mean come on, Broomrape Lane?
Broomrape / Damn right it's a dead end.

And no, this is not a photoshop job. Broomrape Ln does in fact exist in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. My best guess is that the road is named after the genus of parasitic flowers.

That's right ladies and gentlemen... Broomrapes are parasitic flowers. They produce no chlorophyll and must steal nutrients from other plants' root systems. The more I Google broomrape, the stranger it gets. Seriously. There's a flower called Naked Broomrape and Hairy Broomrape...


  1. Not to mention Bedstraw Broomrape.


  2. Would you like to live in Intercourse, Pennsylvania? "I live in ..."

  3. @ Looney: Perhaps the town of Fucking, Austria‎. Or how about Dildo in Canada?

  4. "naked broomrape and hairy broomrape" ???

    I LoLed.


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