Sunday, November 29, 2009

«Only Americans Matter»

Plane Crash in China Kills 3 Americans

Does the wording of that bother anyone else? You see this same thing when children are involved, too. If there were any children on that plane, that's what they would have focused on. Bonus points if it's an American child. They even made sure to point out that one of the injured is also an American.

Who cares if they were American? The point is 3 people died, and 4 are injured right?

Sort if a tangentially related subject: when there's a suicide bombing, why don't they ever include the bomber himself in the death count?


  1. right on. i've wondered on that, myself.

  2. I don't like overly American focused reporting either. If there weren't any Americans on the cargo plane, we would have heard nothing.

  3. Who cares about Chinese? They all look the same anyway.


  4. its the same in all countries they only reveal to the press of pple from there own country who died because in there eyes the minorities(not there race)doesnt count.

  5. I expect that one day we will see a headline like this;

    Breaking News: Asia Disaster: Two Americans lose bags and get bruised. Rescuers report problems reaching them due to problems with thousands of unburied Asian corpses.

  6. Eye candy ... mmm mmm mmmm.

  7. That last one was meant for the Non PC post but found its way here - surreal.

  8. @ Bunc: Yeah, right. "...thousands of unburied Asian corpses" followed by "Eye candy ... mmm mmm mmmm."

    And you call ME non-PC?

  9. A bit late, but one very simple reason for this might be: You're, say, German (because there too, they emphasize the death count of their own citizens) and watching German news about a plane crash in, uh, Lebanon. Reason they do that: To find the family of the deceased. When you're waiting for your loved ones to return, and you hear that X of the same citizenship died where your loved ones are likely to be at the time, it'll be easier to find and inform you because you'll be the one to make contact and help ID the victims.


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